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New madness from Larry Kassanoff, the creator of Foodfight and The Adventures of Clutch Powers. He now wants to make a serious Tetris movie, cause lessons weren’t learned after Battleship I guess. If only he could have been watching LegendaryFrog animations ten years ago to notice that probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

(There’s no YouTube link for just the Tetris parody, so it’s in the “Trailers” sub-folder as “Deleted Movie Trailer” in One Ring to Rule Them All 3 which I linked.)

harryhenry1 asked :

What do you think of Animat and his videos?

thedookbag answered :

You have all the Mr Coat questions, Henry. I think Animat’s okay, creative cooperation problems aside. His videos are very “assembly lined” for me though, like he always has his sets of lines he always does or a mental preset of a video he’s going to do.

Dooky Movies: “The Boxtrolls”


I think the stinger just explained my life story and how much I wasted almost everything…

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Makin’ oit is hurd.

Yeah I would have been tempted if the site was updated recently (the copyright is 2009) and didn’t have a history of telemarketing and harassment charges. I emailed them about it and they say they are still willing to do the service for people who never ordered from them before… I dunno about it, kids. A copy of a dead and obscured Disney knock-off in my collection for the luls?

I kind of would like to switch my primary blog from this to one of my art blogs. I feel like I’m showing myself off as something else when I like or follow something, especially when I’m following cartoon creators and crew.

Here’s an adorably insane piece of Pixar and a much happier John Lasseter. A pre-production reel of A Bug’s Life for Disney executives… until someone gave somebody the idea to do it in the style of cheap 50’s infotainment. Andrew Stanton dubs over most of the footage here and it stars a cartoony bug puppet named “Fleabie”. Amazingly it convinced Lindsay Collins (Stanton’s current co-producer) to join Pixar while she was working at Disney.

Dear Tumblr,

I have friends who’ve had their Tumblr feeds constantly spoil them about Wreck It Ralph and Frozen when they were coming out. They couldn’t be in on the conversation because the release date for them was weeks or months later than Disney’s local date.

If Zootopia turns out to have a child abuse flashback quietly revealed in a European trailer, be sure to tag it as a spoiler when you GIF it months before it comes out. Or better yet, don’t GIF it at all until then.

Unless you’re Amid Amidi reading this, then you probably don’t give a shit about it.

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