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Serious post about an assault in Vancouver


Just letting people know… that if you live in the Vancouver era there’s a east Indian man, about 5’11ish with a lighter coloured turban and white facial hair- between 50-60 years old who got some personal information and then proceeded to harass me yesterday on Monday, July 28th 2014 around 5:35 pm

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Signal boost for a fellow Cap grad. She was recently harassed earlier this week and wants anyone local to Vancouver to keep an eye out for the guy. ”Caffeinecoma” is a talented story artist, who’s now working on Sausage Party, who didn’t deserve this kind of trouble.

Running Blip.tv is weird sometimes. I don’t know if it affects the rest of Canada, but I’ve been recently getting basically Max’s local commercials before videos start. European ads that promote the latest of the United Kingdom (and even a few French ones too), like Hotels.com successfully selling an animated teenager a good suite with cock and Sun Online encouraging customers that you can watch football while you’re in marriage counseling.