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Something I forgot to share from last year when the Fan Expo and the Grad Show were rolling around at the end of the month. Thought I’d get some celebrity endorsement for what we were doing even if it was just an image. It didn’t work. But hey, I give thanks to Sean for letting me shoot him with our card.

Fan Expo 2013 let me photograph Sean Astin and Michael Rooker at no extra charge. The next year, the only action I was allowed to get from celebrities was from a Bruce Campbell panel and a quick candid shot of Karl Urban.

You want to make a gross-out comedy with no punch and makes 12oz Mouse look adorable? Make the next Mr. Pickles. Y’geddit?! Cause hilly-billies are fuckin’ crazy!

Adult Swim just picked this up for a 10-episode season. So two hours worth of Mr. Pickles are coming and it is a sad fact.



A new Steven, already finished, aired in Korea and just now in Canada before CN in the States have even put down a date for it. Coach Steven is circulating through torrents and Tumblr.

This went from a Amethyst UGU post to a Raven and Paul board / layout appreciation thing instead when I was thinking about it. Raven and Paul are the ones behind these three episodes thus far. They’re easy to tell with their expressive pose work and story-boarding.

harryhenry1 asked :

What are your problems with hewy toonmore/lewis?

thedookbag answered :

(Tumbles screwed up and posted the question before I could even start answering)

To put it simple for those new and actually care, he’s a easily distracted animation reviewer who I had problems working on title cards for his series. As I was leaving his series, I noticed the private side of him and his fandom/fetish for everything nostalgic or furry related. “Closet Everything” I called it.

Within a year after I left, Logan went full on ‘not care’ mode. He’s putting most of his time now into fanfictions and crossovers on DeviantArt, instead of trying to make sort of a living making video reviews.





//Hibbity hibbity hibbity, thing I posted talking about how good TV animation has gotten now.//

(Clarence was going to be featured on here, but dropped it out in light of a recent watershed concerning the creator.)

I’d have to agree with this. Even certain reboots have done well after a while.

On a side note, who knew the creator of Clarence was that much of a degenerate.

Admittedly I should have updated the second link with Emily Partridge’s masterpost about it all before I posted this. But I’ll still stand about what I say…

So even after I linked to a post from a friend of Skyler, his own experiences about this whole mess, and witnessing his friend being strapped to a hospital kart, you still consider Skyler a degenerate?

Even Emily as mad as she is about the whole thing still wants to see Skyler get better.

Industry professionals say that television has now become a safe ground for more adventurous projects and concepts. The last few years of live-action television have been pushing the conventions of what you’d expect on the good old radiation rectangle. Now animation is starting to slowly catch up. TV animation is probably at its most popular and acclaimed in decades.

While cartoons on TV have yet to attempt “movies every week” that networks like HBO and AMC have been doing with their shows, they’re becoming, more so than ever, more imaginative and unique than what has been playing in movie theaters… for the most part.

(Clarence was going to be featured on here, but dropped it out in light of a recent watershed concerning the creator.)

Dooky Movies: “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”


Don’t fire your gun at a monkey. All out war between species will happen otherwise.

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